Teaching and Mentorship

Picture taken in Mercer County, 2019

Teaching is an important part of my academic life. I have taught my own courses at the University of Pennsylvania, at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, and at Princeton University.

Since Spring 2019 I have helped pilot an outreach program for local High Schools run by Princeton’s Department of Philosophy. As a member of the original organizational committee, I was very excited to launch our first classes in Spring 2020 at Community House. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working towards offering free after-school programs with our community partners at Princeton Mutual Aid.

As a first generation university student, I welcome questions from those who consider going into academia or philosophy.

Courses Taught As Lead Instructor

PHI 301: Aristotle and his Succesors – Princeton University. Spring 2023

PHI 205: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy – Princeton University. Spring 2022

PHIL 003-601: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy – University of Pennsylvania. Spring 2019 with G. Shapiro

PHI 101: Introduction to Philosophy – Garden State Youth Correctional Facility (Prison Teaching Initiative). Spring 2019 with T. Davies

Courses Taught As Assistant in Instruction

PHI 203: Introduction to Epistemology & Metaphysics – Princeton University. Fall 2017 for Gideon Rosen

PHI 301: Aristotle and his Successors – Princeton University. Spring 2017 for Benjamin Morison

PHI 205: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy – Princeton University. Fall 2016 for Simon Shogry

Picture taken in Storøya in 2016
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