Teaching and Mentorship

Picture taken in Mercer County, 2019

Teaching is an important part of my academic life. I have a diverse range of teaching experience which comes from having taught my own courses at the University of Pennsylvania, at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, and at Princeton University.

Since Spring 2019 I have helped pilot an outreach program for local High Schools run by Princeton’s Department of Philosophy. As a member of the original organizational committee, I was very excited to launch our first classes in Spring 2020 at Community House. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working towards offering free after-school programs with our community partners at Princeton Mutual Aid.

As a first generation university student, I welcome questions from those who consider going into academia or philosophy.

If you are looking for class materials to download, click here to be taken to my resource page.

Courses Taught As Lead Instructor

PHI 301: Aristotle and his Succesors – Princeton University. Spring 2023

PHI 205: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy – Princeton University. Spring 2022

PHIL 003-601: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy – University of Pennsylvania. Spring 2019 with G. Shapiro

PHI 101: Introduction to Philosophy – Garden State Youth Correctional Facility (Prison Teaching Initiative). Spring 2019 with T. Davies

Courses Taught as As Assistant in Instruction

PHI 203: Introduction to Epistemology & Metaphysics – Princeton University. Fall 2017 for Gideon Rosen

PHI 301: Aristotle and his Successors – Princeton University. Spring 2017 for Benjamin Morison

PHI 205: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy – Princeton University. Fall 2016 for Simon Shogry

Picture taken in Storøya in 2016
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