I’m a Postgraduate Research Associate in Philosophy at Princeton University. I specialize in ancient philosophy with a focus on principle justification, the ‘great scientific scandal,’ and the famously fraught relationship between Aristotle’s scientific theory and his scientific practice. See my Research Page for more.

Outside of my work on Aristotle, I am interested in metaphysics (esp. metaphysical explanation) and questions about the methodology of the history of philosophy, particularly as they pertain to the history of ancient philosophy and canon formation.

I received my PhD in philosophy from Princeton University in 2020. I also hold a BA in Literae Humaniores (2013) and a BPhil in Philosophy (2015)—both from the University of Oxford. You can find my full CV here.

When not doing philosophy, I enjoy traveling, hiking, and wildlife photography. You can find some of my favorites dotted around this website (with more photos here). I’m also a contributor at the Working Class History Project.

Picture taken on Kvitøya, 2016