I work on ancient philosophy and am especially interested in the famously fraught relationship between Aristotle’s scientific theory and his scientific practice. Outside of my work on Aristotle, I am interested in metaphysical explanation and questions about the methodology of the history of philosophy, particularly as they pertain to the history of ancient philosophy and canon formation.

I have taught at Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and at Garden State Youth Correctional Facility. I received my PhD in philosophy from Princeton in 2021. I also hold a BA in Literae Humaniores (2013) and a BPhil in Philosophy (2015)—both from the University of Oxford.

Outside of my work, I compete at the national level in stone put in Switzerland. Here is portrait from Le Temps in which I talk about the relationship between the sport and my work and research. I am also budding wildlife photographersome of my favorite photos are dotted around this website (with more here)– and a contributor at the Working Class History Project.

Picture taken on Kvitøya, 2016