I specialize in ancient philosophy with a focus on the famously fraught relationship between Aristotle’s scientific theory and his scientific practice. In my dissertation, which I am completing under the supervision of Benjamin Morison and Hendrik Lorenz at Princeton, I show that Aristotle’s Physics and the Posterior Analytics—commonly thought to be some of Aristotle’s most difficult, frustrating, and unsatisfying texts—are in fact organized in a compelling way around a philosophically interesting project: science-building. See my Research Page for more.

Outside of ancient philosophy, I work on metaphysics; broader interests include questions in meta-ethics, the history of early modern philosophy, and Kant.

I completed a BA in Literae Humaniores and a BPhil in Philosophy—both at the University of Oxford—before coming to Princeton in 2015. You can find my CV here. When not doing philosophy, I enjoy traveling, hiking, and taking pictures of animals. You can find some of my favorites dotted around this website (with more photos here).

Picture taken on Kvitøya, 2016